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Symbiosis got three nominations (Art, Design and Game of the Year) at the Swedish Game Awards 2018.

Symbiosis is an atmospheric first person puzzle game. You play as a plant-human hybrid that is lost deep within an abandoned and overgrown lab facility.

I was responsible for making animations, which were done in Autodesk Maya 2018. I worked with designers on implementing in Unreal Engine. Also I worked on creating some textures in Substance Designer.

Symbiosis at itch
4 week game project at FutureGames, 2018
Japan, during the Kamakura period. Two young monk students must pass their Trial. To become masters of the mystical arts... Save the village, ring the Bell to defeat the yokais!

Cooperative hack and slash game. I worked on animations for enemies and player, exepting weapon.
7 week game project at FutureGames, 2018
This is a 2 vs 2 local party game that is a mix between boxing and airhockey. The goal is to be the first team to win 4 rounds and you win a round by scoring with all of the other teams pucks.

I did all animations in Autodesk Maya and I worked on creating some props and texturing them with Substance Painter.
2 week game project at FutureGames, 2017
Something kinda a working diary
Usually I'm very self-critical about my works and I understand how much I still have to learn, so this part is about teaching myself positive thinking and track skills development. I will gladly accept constructive criticism and advice.
This is my first Zbrush character and first experience of motion capture, and I tried to act in mocap suit like my cartoony monster. I was a bit skeptical before but It was really fun and I realised that mocap can be really artistic thing.
So I want to transfer my mocap to this funny green monster.
It is gonna be part of my examination project at Futuregames.
This is first attempt to transfer mocap data to character with the help of autorig, not completely successful. I should to understand how to fix skinning, how to return the belly to the monster, make a rig for eyes and mouth, animate them, generally clean the animation. I know it will be plenty of technical issues but it would be awesome.
Miss me? Yes, Greeny is here.
Trying to understand rigging. It seems that someone is confused in the axes of rotation
I chose this very popular girl (wonderful character and rig
by for my student animation project.
I want to not only develop my skills in animation, but also learn how to work more technologically, using a library of clips and poses, animation layers, and constrains.
for game project Trial
for game project Trial
for game project Symbiosis
for game project Symbiosis
for game project Symbiosis
for game project Symbiosis
Homemade Stop motion, with kids, for fun
The Barkers (Barboskins):
TV series for children
In 2010 I joined the team working on The Pooches, a popular animated TV series made by Studio Melnitsa in St. Petersburg, one of the largest animation studios in Russia.

My responsibilities included:
• Preparation of layouts
• Draft rendering of animations for rough cut editing
• Episodes cleanup together with episode director, artistic director, lead animator
• Simple lighting, complex lighting together with lighting supervisor
• Collaboration with Dynamic Effects and with Textures and Backgrounds departments
• Final rendering (Pixar Renderman)
• Compositing, 2D effects (After Effects, Premier, basic Nuke)
• (Autodesk Maya, Pixar Renderman, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop)

As a visualizer I was responsible for finding all kinds of visual and animation problems, logical discrepancies etc. Fixing this required tight collaboration with episode director, artistic director, lead animator, technical director and film editor.

Official YouTube channel
The Barkers
my reel
Moonzy (Luntik and his friends):
TV series for pre-school children

I started my work at Studio Melnitsa, St.Petersburg on the project Moonzy since it's beginning in 2005 and worked on it until 2008. First seasons were made in 2D cutout technique (After Effects). Character design and backgrounds were made in Photoshop.

Official YouTube channel
In episode "Dandelion" I animated a lead character, a small, fuzzy creature named Moonzy.

I also participated in drawing of character turnarounds. For instance, in episode "Secret Box" I drew Pink and Green butterflies and animated most of scenes with them.

After studying at St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television I started working as a Character Assistant on "Hubba-bubba" commercials by Visotsky&Sikorsky Animation Studio in 2004 - 2005 (internship, later employment).
It was good old clay animation! My duty was to again and again sculpt plasticine characters for stop-motion animation.

Hi, my name is Dina Berkgaut!

I have working experience in different fields (2D cutout animation, 3D animation, layout, rendering, clay animation) and was engaged in different roles for movies, simulators and advertising.
I moved to Stockholm with my family and after parental leave I decided
to expand my skills. Currently I'm studying 3D graphics at higher vocational game development education FutureGames.

I am looking for an internship from January 2019 to August 2019.

Since my earliest childhood and until now, I love looking around and noticing little details. I was always fascinated by how narrative creates meaning and how the image comes alive, so I would like to develop my skills as an animator and be part of a team that creates and animates stories.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me!
+46 728 756 351
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